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Gender Equality: A conversation with Zuleika Rivera, Macarena Sáez and Mercedes D'Alessandro

The feminist and LGBTQI+ movements have had many advances in recent years. However, much more remains to be done. Join Zuleika Rivera and Mercedes D'Alessandro in a conversation about key moments in the fight for LGBTQI+ rights and gender equality.

Mercedes D'Alessandro will explore how demonstrations such as #NiUnaMenos and #8M have contributed to the fight for equality in the region. Not only limited to reproductive rights, the conversation will touch on labor markets, government policy, and public spaces, among others. Zuleika Rivera will talk about the struggle of the LGBTQI+ community from a human rights lens. Macarena Sáez will be the moderator.

The panel will include a Q&A session with the speakers and a short preview of the documentary "Que sea ley".

Please note that the event will be in Spanish.

Entrance to DuPont Underground is on 19th Street.

About the panelists:

Mercedes D’Alessandro was born in Posadas. She has a PhD in Economics and is currently based in New York City. She taught for over 15 years at the University of Buenos Aires and was head of the Political Economy department at the National University General Sarmiento. In 2015 she launched the site Feminist Economy (Economía Feminista), where she discusses issues of economics with a gender perspective. The site gained popularity very quickly and positioned the topic in the public policy agenda. She is part of the Network for Political Innovation in Latin America and of the group Activate Congress (Activá el Congreso). In 2016 she published the book Economía feminista. Cómo construir una sociedad igualitaria (sin perder el glamour). In 2018 she was chosen as one of the most relevant scholars in iberoamerica by the Avina Foundation and was part of a selection of portraits, curated by L’Oreal Paris, of the most influential women in Latin America. In her interventions she proposes deep reflections of reality without losing her easiness and humor. In her spare time she’s a Dj and takes pictures.

Macarena Sáez is the Faculty Director of the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law and a Fellow in the International Legal Studies Program at Washington College of Law. She teaches in the areas of Gender and Sexuality, Family Law, Comparative Law, and International Human Rights. Her main areas of research are the role of sexual orientation and gender identity in family law, and comparative regulations of sex as an economic activity.
Macarena is a founding member of the Network of Latin American Scholars on Gender, Sexuality and Legal Education ALAS and a member of Libertades Públicas.
Before coming to WCL Macarena was a faculty member at the University of Chile Law School where she taught jurisprudence and worked actively in law school's curriculum reform. She has also taught feminist jurisprudence and human rights in different universities of Latin America and Europe. Saez has given her expert testimony on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity before the Constitutional Court of Colombia and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

Zuleika Rivera is a Puerto Rican feminist lawyer and human rights defender. She went to American University’s Washington College of Law and has an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Public Administration from Syracuse University as well as a Masters in International Relations from American University. She has worked in several international organizations and two feminist organizations in Perú: Study and Defense of Women’s Rights –DEMUS (Estudio para la Defensa de los Derechos de la Mujer -DEMUS), and Independent, Feminist, Socialist Lesbians–LIFS (Lesbianas Independientes Feministas Socialistas). With the latter she completed the J.D. Distinguished Fellowship.

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