Selected Video Works by Liliane Blom

Opening night party: June 29th!

Come see Liliane Blom's ethereal work, and stay to dance the night away with Norwegian Jazz. Doors open at 6:30pm. Artist talk at 7:00pm. 

Special musical guest from Norway at 8:00pm: Time is a Blind Guide/ Thomas Strønen

Exhibition runs June 29th to July 17th, 2018.

Liliane Blom

Liliane Blom's installations are interactive, immersive, and often environmental in scope. They are multi-sensory experiences, that engage the viewer with sound/touch and light. The videos central to her installations are mostly animations created from her photographic artwork, which she rearranges to highlight a feeling—be it joy, grief or longing. Playful, they unapologetically appeal to our sense of wonder, and invite the viewer into a contemplative space.

Her exhibit of selected video work featured at the Dupont Underground will consist of work from several of her past installations as well as new pieces.

Liliane Blom

Artist Bio

Liliane Blom is an award-winning photographer, classically trained painter and innovative installation artist. She describes her fusion of photography and painting as digital painting. In the last decade she has been transforming her photographic images into interactive and immersive installations that have reached and touched a large and varied audience. Based in Rockville, Maryland (of French/Norwegian extraction) she is a frequent exhibitor in the Washington region.