Loops of Light: Animation for Music Videos & Stage Sets By Helene Berg

September 12-October 31, 2017


Dupont Underground is proud to exhibit the work of Helene Berg — one of Sweden’s most accomplished visual, motion graphic, animation and performance artists. In addition to her career in the fine arts Ms. Berg has also directed animated Television series, and music videos. She is known for her productions of performance art and live visuals for concerts, dance and theatre performances.  The style of berg’s work ranges from realistic productions, such as the stop motion film “Qoi-the polar bear” to more lyrical and abstract works like “Bohemia.” This is Berg’s first exhibit in the United States. 

Ms Berg’s fascination for animation started as a child. In later years during her studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, she was introduced to digital software which opened up new possibilities for her work. Ms. Berg often combines analog and digital techniques in her work as you will see in this exhibition. Her motion graphic work often has a strong connection to music. In addition to Berg’s superior audio visual skills, she is also a trained live performer. Berg’s training as a mime actor and puppeteer facilitated her acute awareness for the essence of timing and the utilization of movements to engage and communicate emotions during performances.

Videos in collaboration with: 

  • Montag Mania (Isabel De Lescano, Fredrik Blank, Juan Romero) 

  • Daniel Karlsson Trio (Daniel Karlsson, Fredrik Rundqvist and Christian Spering)   

  • Gul 3  (Johan Arrias, Henrik Olsson and Leo (Svensson) Sander

  • Anna Gustavsson

  • Sten Sandell    

  • Carsten Dahl and Philippa Cathrine Dahl

  • Edgar Berg    

  • Amanda Nordelius and Simon Westerdahl    

  • Dieter Schöön

  • Ossi Niskala (dancer in Translucent)

  • Åsa Johannisson (director of Requiem)