Thanks for helping Dupont Underground continue to improve arts experiences for our visitors year-round. 

The contribution that fits your budget is most welcome! You’ll be added to our “Early Notice” with information about our most popular events. Those who attend our events and tours donate to DU every time they visit and use our ticketing process. Thank you to all our patrons for contributing year-round. 

Thanks for helping to make 2018 Dupont Underground’s best year yet.  




Your gift of $250 provides additional projection capability for films, video art, photographic exhibits, and lecturers. You’ll qualify for the special ‘fast entry” lane upon check in, and you are then our guest for orchestra seating for all programming that you pay to attend in 2018 at our new Graffiti Stage.  




Your gift of $150 provides sound stage support to enliven our concerts, lectures and musical events.  When you pay to attend an event or program at Dupont Underground you’ll move to the front of the line. 




Contribute gift $75 to fund our general facilities improvement efforts and join the “fast entry” lane every time you paid to attend an event in the Underground. 



Dupont Underground (DU) is a 501(c) (3) charitable and educational organization providing innovative and varied arts programming in a unique venue for residents and visitors to the Washington DC area to enjoy. Year round, DU hosts acclaimed contemporary arts, architectural, design, film, musical, photography, lectures, theatrical productions and special events that inspire our audiences.  Your tax-deductible contribution to Dupont Underground enables us to continue to provide exciting programming, to improve the facility and to attract and present outstanding arts, educational, and community programming.  


You can make your contribution online by clicking the "Donate" button. If you are considering a Leadership or Sponsorship donation to support Arts & Performance Programming, please send a note to You will be contacted as soon as possible to discuss your contribution. 


Arts & Performance Programming Sponsorship


Your Invitation to Bring Exciting Events to Dupont Underground 


Dupont Underground (DU) welcomes financial support for its major Arts & Performance Programs from individuals, foundations, businesses and community leaders. Funding for DU’s Arts & Performance Programming enables DU to develop exciting, inspiring, and innovative arts programing year-round. Funding provides program development, increasing organizational capacity, program partnership development, space and equipment enhancements, and expanded marketing for all events. Each grant provides DU’s contributors with substantial recognition as an arts and performance investor.  


Your financial support each year enables thousands of people to experience and enjoy the arts. Arts & Performance Programming sponsorship provides donors with significant, on-going recognition including:

  • Named as a Program Sponsor in the order of the grant amount on DU’s website and sponsor recognition wall at reception entrance to Dupont Underground.

  • Named in sponsored event marketing reaching nearly 20,000 people monthly.

  • Free tickets (2) to each of the Arts & Performance Program supported.

  • Best seating for all events attended.

  • DU is a 501(c) 3 organization which qualifies donors for a tax deduction based on the amount of the grant, less $30 per event attended. Consult your tax advisor.


Playwright’s First Draft: Series of Plays in development inviting Audience Input. Dupont Underground and Solas Nua partner to present stage plays. Join the audience to hear a free series of new stage plays by the most talented contemporary Irish playwrights. Washington favorite theatre actors make the play come to life, followed by a talk-back discussion with Artistic Director Rex Daugherty. Be part of the creative process and join other theater buffs for a series of play readings that will entertain, challenge, and delight DC audiences.  


Ten Part ‘Out of the Box’ Lecture Series: 10 informative and inspiring lectures on a wide range of arts and culture related topics will be included in this lecture series. These events are all being scheduled in 2019.


Full Circle Comedy/Improv Nights at Dupont Underground in partnership with improv and stand-up comedy groups in the DC area and across the country. A series of 10 evening stand-up comedy performances for those looking for a good laugh with friends will be held in 2018 throughout 2019.


Celebrating Visual Arts Exhibitions: support Dupont Undergrounds unique Exhibitions include animation, music inspired video art, visual stage-set production, virtual reality installation, photography, travel inspired works, the World Press Photography Exhibition, and other outstanding exhibitions throughout the year.  


Thought Provoking Global Exhibits & Events: Support Dupont Underground in producing five exhibits with complementing special events to be developed and offered to the public to increase understanding about issues faced by artists, performers, and writers in today’s world.  Examples in 2018’s spring and fall seasons include: Cultural Arts Exhibitions: Artists Living Under Communism; the Artistic Freedom Initiative, presenting artist in transit (artist refugees form war torn areas of the world) are examples of the exhibits with complementing events series.  Embassy music concerts, musical performances by diverse international groups; and Author book lectures and book signings are the kind of presentations included.  

Design Perspectives: series of presentations exploring architecture, graphic design, animation, technology, theater and fashion design.  Leaders in various design fields will showcase their work and discuss the expanding role of design in today’s world, workplace and home.  


Flicks with Subtitles: Series of international, award-winning films take the audience to countries with a reputation for great filmmaking. Dupont Underground through its Embassy partnerships will increase access to some of the most iconic and newly released foreign films.

To make your contribution please select from the options above or simply send your contribution through our Paypal. We will confirm receipt with you and ask for you to let us know the funding area you would like to support.  

To discuss sponsorship of Dupont Underground’s Arts & Performance Programs contact: Susan Corrigan, CEO Dupont Underground at